Taking a Break

Hi there!

I have an announcement. I have decided to take an official break from Bright Stars Big Mountains. I say “official” because I’ve published less than five new posts in the last year so, really, I’ve been on an unofficial break for awhile now.

It’s not that my heart’s not in it – I constantly have ideas, start drafts for new posts and recently even put some work into updating the static parts of the site – it’s that there are so many projects on my mind right now that I’m finding I can’t focus on any one of them in a real way when they’re all requesting my attention.

Some of those other projects are work-related and others are new creative writing projects I want to pursue. I also want to get involved in my new community and create a network of people for myself in Denver. And, once you add regular life stuff into the mix, well, you know, there’s only so many hours in a day and all that jazz.

I realized I have to let go of something in order to free up the energy and mental space I need to actually dig into some of the other things. Right now, that thing is this blog because I’m not willing to let go of things that would free up more time and space to post and engage here regularly. It’s not easy to let go of it, but it’s easier to let go of this than it would be to let go of any of the other things in this moment.

I’ll continue to share content I find interesting, hiking tips and pics, along with my own thoughts, stories and updates on the Bright Stars Big Mountains’ Facebook page. And stay tuned to my website, if you like, where I’ll post links to new work and projects as they come together.

Thank you so much for reading and for your thoughts and comments. Until next time …



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