Welcome! Bright Stars Big Mountains is a Colorado travel and lifestyle blog authored by Denver-based writer Tracey Flower. Tracey has contributed to the Vail Daily, the Vail Valley-based travel websites, Everything Vail Valley and Vail.Net, and numerous other publications, websites and projects.

Here on Bright Stars Big Mountains you’ll find reports from Tracey’s adventures around Colorado and beyond, along with heartfelt stories about love, family and finding your place in the world.

“Writing all of life’s little details …”

Remember those T-shirts in the 90’s that said things like “Running is life, the rest is just details?” At Bright Stars Big Mountains we like to imagine one of those for writing where the phrasing is reversed to say, “Writing is details, the rest is just life.” Good writing, of course, draws on life’s moments and experiences, but really only becomes something truly special when the writer pays attention to all the little details, to the nooks and crannies, to the nuances and slight shifts of light that happen during those moments and experiences. To write and share all of life’s little details, that is why we’re here.

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