Let’s Talk About Valentine’s Day

Well, hello, friends. It's been a minute, but let’s begin, shall we? I’ve been alive for 35 Valentine’s Days. Of those, I’ve spent probably 30 (minimum) of them completely single. In middle school and high school, I secretly wished, and prayed, and hoped, and dreamed that I would get a Valentine’s card, or flowers, or … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Valentine’s Day


Taking a Break

Hi there! I have an announcement. I have decided to take an official break from Bright Stars Big Mountains. I say "official" because I've published less than five new posts in the last year so, really, I've been on an unofficial break for awhile now. It's not that my heart's not in it - I … Continue reading Taking a Break

Going Home

A few weeks ago I was in Boulder, Colorado for less than 48 hours for a job interview (didn’t get the job, it’s totally OK, another story for another time). When the plane landed in Denver I started crying (with my face turned to the window, of course, so no one could see). I felt … Continue reading Going Home