Top Posts from the Last Year

(Celebrating 1 Year of Bright Stars Big Mountains Part 2)

Pop the bubbly and dust off your dancing shoes, I’m celebrating 1 year of Bright Stars Big Mountains! (Ok, so a year, a month and a couple weeks… it was a busy March.) Thank you for reading, commenting on and sharing my posts over the last year, I’m humbled to know that you not only take the time to read what I write but that you also seem to really enjoy reading it and that means the word to me.

Let’s take a little trip down memory lane to commemorate this anniversary. Here are the top 5 most popular (based on the most views, shares and/or comments) posts from the last year:

  1. What I’m Learning About Grief
  2. What I’ve Learned from a Lifetime of Poor Self Image
  3. What I Think About the Ice Bucket Challenge
  4. The 5 Friends We All Need
  5. Why I Hate Dating 

And, just for fun, the post that started it all: This is Home.

I’ve been trying to pick a favorite out of these, or out of any of the posts from the last year, but it’s too hard to choose because each one has a little piece of me. That said, the 5 listed above are all pretty near and dear and perhaps together create my favorite.

What about you? What was your favorite post from the last year?

Thanks again for reading! I look forward to growing, sharing and, most of all, writing more as I continue along this journey.

P.S. Check out the new domain name: is officially mine! ( will still work, but feel free to cut out the middle man—that would be “wordpress”—from now on!)

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