Giving Thanks

I recently started a regular gratitude practice and having been taking time every day (ok, maybe not every day, but most days) to write down 3 things I’m thankful for and to meditate on them. Since this day is nationally reserved for giving thanks, I thought I’d share today’s list here.

I’m so grateful…

1. For a family that gets better with age. My family – my mom, dad, sisters and brother – always got along pretty well when us kids were young. Sure, we fought like siblings and had our fallings out with Mom and Dad but we all mostly liked and respected each other. As the years have passed and we’ve all grown into adults, our bonds have strengthened and grown in ways I never could have predicted. I’m so thankful for these people and so thankful that we only seem to get closer as we get older. I can’t wait to be with all of them at Christmas.

2. That I have everything I need and a lot of the stuff I want. A home (that’s all my own) with a warm bed and a hot shower. A car that runs well. Snowshoes. Two bikes. Food. A closet full of clothes…

Money’s been a little tight lately and so I’ve been falling into a pattern of tallying up all the things I don’t have because I can’t afford them right now. All that does is make me feel worse, though, and it sets me up for failure for future financial success because it leads to impulse spending as soon as the cash starts flowing again. I’ve been working on turning my money attitude around by reminding myself to remember how blessed I am. I have everything I need right now and I can afford to pay my bills and really, truly, that’s enough.

3. For friends who show me how to be a better person. My friends are, hands-down, the kindest, most generous, non-judgmental folks a girl could hope to have in her life. I love learning from their example, from observing how they handle a situation and from taking their advice to heart.

I’m very blessed, indeed. Thanks for reading!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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