Things I Love About Fall Right Now

It snowed here earlier this week. Actually, it’s snowed here a few times in the last couple weeks, which isn’t abnormal. But it’s definitely always a cold swift shock the first couple times it happens; a jolt back into winter, an assurance that summer is over, and a reminder that winter is never far away in the Rockies.


In between the flakes, though, have been some sweet fall days that remind me why this is my favorite season of them all (even in Michigan, this season always takes the cake for me). And, since it’s technically not winter here yet (ski season begins mid-November in Vail), here’s what I’m loving about fall right now.

1. The landscape. Always the landscape. I love the light and the drama of clouds and sky. And the glow of leaves turned yellow, red, and orange. Oh, the leaves. There’s nothing prettier than the Rocky Mountains covered in golden aspens. Nothing.


2. The way the earth smells. Call me crazy, but I absolutely love the smell of wet, decaying leaves. It stirs childhood memories of shuffling through streets full of crunchy leaves on sunny Sunday afternoons with my dad and siblings.


3. Going to the movies. I rarely go to the movies except, it seems, in the fall. I suppose the industry plans it so the blockbusters all debut this time of year, a last push before award season. So not only are there must-see flicks out this time of year, but the town and the social scene alike are also quiet this time of year, making it the perfect time for movie going.

I saw “Gone Girl” a couple weeks ago and thought it paid homage to the book in the best possible ways (it always helps when the author of the book is also the writer behind the screenplay). I’m looking forward to “Wild” in December, and, if I’m being totally honest, to part one of the third chapter in the Hunger Games’ franchise, “Mockingjay,” next month.

4. Long, leisurely hikes and strolls. Last weekend, I strolled along the recreation path in Edwards and out into the Miller Ranch Open Space. And a couple weekends before that, I hiked a portion of the East Lake Creek trail, also accessed from Edwards. Neither of these excursions were particularly taxing, but both allowed for time to stop and savor my surroundings. I enjoyed good conversations with friends and took pictures along the way.


5. The anticipation of the holiday season. I sometimes enjoy the season of holidays more than the actual holidays themselves. And I love having something to look forward to. It starts when the leaves begin to fall; I’m not a real fan of Halloween, but I love Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love the togetherness with friends and family the season suggests (not the consumerism or the Christmas creep in chain stores…really, those stores who have already put out their Christmas decorations and are advertising holiday specials, should be ashamed of themselves). I love the sparkle and the magic—which yes, I can still find—that the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons bring, and I love having them ahead of me.

I don’t have much of anything planned for this weekend. As I said in my last post, work has been intense lately, so I’m really looking forward to having no agenda and just seeing what comes my way! What are your fall weekend plans?

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